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  • Book Your Pap Test

    The Ottawa Valley Ontario Health Team has launched a collaborative initiative to ensure anyone needing a Pap test can get one. VTAC is a proud partner of the Ottawa Valley OHT, and our team is pleased to support this important cancer screening initiative.

    • Eligibility Checklist

      • You are between the ages of 21 and 69
      • It has been three years or longer since your last Pap test
      • You DO NOT have a family doctor or nurse practitioner
      • Cancer screening matters

        The PAP screening test gives you the best chance of detecting and treating cervical cancer earlier for better health outcomes. The PAP can also prevent most cervical cancers by finding pre-cancers, so you can get the timely treatment you need.

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          Book Your Test

          If you are eligible, please book by calling VTAC at 1-844-727-6404 or via a booking link below for your preferred location.